Are you writing a book or an ebook? A website or a thesis? Do you need help smoothing out rough spots in the writing, or polishing a finished manuscript?

For nearly three decades, I have helped dozens of satisfied clients publish their writing or grow their businesses. My clients include authors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, traditional publishers, graduate students, and nonprofit organizations. Whatever your business, creative, or academic goals might be, my editorial skills and experience can help make those goals a reality.

My Editorial Services

Depending on the amount of help you need with your project, I can do all or some of the following:

        • evaluate your writing for overall effectiveness
        • make suggestions for rewriting or reworking
        • edit to make your writing tight, concise, and clear
        • make sure that your work is well organized
        • improve the flow of sentences and paragraphs
        • correct errors in grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation

I offer a FREE sample edit to prospective clients. This allows me to make an accurate cost estimate and gives you the opportunity to see how I work.

I Edit the Following

        • books and ebooks
        • magazine and newspaper articles
        • marketing materials
        • websites
        • memoirs and autobiographies
        • handbooks and “how-to” books
        • newsletters
        • speeches
        • proposals
        • educational materials
        • and MORE!

Let’s talk! Give me a call at (505) 984-0025 or email me at sarah@wolbacheditorial.com to discuss your project.

 “I really enjoyed working with Sarah Wolbach. She was easy to communicate with, and she got the job done expertly and efficiently. Her rates were very reasonable. I would definitely use her services again, and recommend her to others.”   —Dr. Janet P. Mandell

“Working with Sarah is a pleasure. She is experienced, thorough, and diligent. She has a professional eye for detail and an ability to transform wordy and nebulous passages into concise and clear ones. She quickly grasped the concept of my book and I am very happy with the result. I am writing a series of books and it gives me peace of mind knowing I have her in my corner for subsequent volumes.” —Shayne Gardner, Visualize Your Vocabulary